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Mental Well-Being

Taking care of our emotional and mental well-being starts with us. Each one of us decides what we need and why, and how to help ourselves through challenging times.

Whether or not we've reached the point of breakdown or burnout, we can support one another by talking about what we're going through, reminding someone that they're not alone, and helping to remove the shame that has historically come with seeking professional support.

The more we normalize these conversations about mental and emotional well-being, the less power shame has.

In this recent episode of the Humble Rising podcast, I talk to Kaya Hazard-Daley, MSW, LCSW, a licensed social worker, whose clients include those struggling with stress, anxiety, and/or depression. We talk about boundaries, why taking care of ourselves first is critical, and more.

Listen to the episode wherever you get your favorite podcasts or click here:


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