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I walked into Barry's a few days ago for class. I went to the front desk to check in and the staff smiled and said: congrats on 250 classes! I was so focused on other things that week that I hadn’t noticed I had hit this milestone.

Only now, days later is the accomplishment sinking in. I went to 250 classes about 50 min each. Strength training and tread work.

For each class, I had to leave my kids to workout. My daughter still gets upset when I leave to work out.

I remind her mommy needs time to take care of herself and this is something I do for that self-care.

250 classes isn’t just an accomplishment because of the number.

It’s because of all it required of me to make it to class - kids, work, and all the excuses I could have made why I couldn’t “make time.”

And I’m going to take a beat to celebrate THAT.

I’ve been on such a journey to prioritize my emotional, mental and physical well-being. This is evidence for my brain that our intentions and decisions each day matter. They add up.

Did you catch the bottom of the card though?

It says work OUT hard and be nice to people.

I’m down with that advice.


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