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I love being away from my kids.

Yes, I miss them a lot too. You can love your kids so much there are no words while also needing your space.

I was me before I had kids. I’ve evolved and grown so much, but I have my own identity.

Just like who I am and my worth cannot be dependent on external approval or validation, the same is true when it comes to motherhood.

Motherhood can’t be the reason you put yourself last or you lose yourself. After each baby I’ve had, there was a period of losing myself and each time I had to find her again.

We need to have our own time. We need the time to reconnect with ourselves and figure out what steps we want to take to feel more satisfied and fulfilled, and to feel less stress and exhaustion.

We need the mental space to not be needed and to think about our week, month and life ahead.

And we often have to have support to do that. We need to ask for it.

I’m lucky this hombrecito (little guy) was happy to see me on FaceTime when I called to check in. My daughters… that’s a different story. At least they were glad to see me when I got home!

To you taking the space for you and creating more fulfillment in your one beautiful precious life🙌🏽


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