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Mothers Day

I didn’t want to celebrate Mother’s Day in 2020. I was supposed to have given birth to a baby boy, but we lost him at 18 weeks in December 2019.

I was pregnant 4 times and have 3 children. I still feel that sense of loss in May - what would have been the month of his birthday and Mother’s Day.

I feel loss AND I’m grateful to be the mom of 3 kiddos. I’m grateful for my mom, my sister. mis tías, every friend and colleague who has supported another mother including me.

Motherhood is hard and we weren’t meant to do this alone.

Take care of yourself. Even if you feel guilty for taking a day for you, that feeling will pass when you think about what’s at stake if you don’t prioritize yourself too. Your sanity. Your wellbeing. YOU.

To all the mothers out there, to all those who’ve lost a child…. Take care of yourselves this weekend. If you need support ask for it.

I literally just told my husband I need a few hours by myself.

And for Mother’s Day I’m doing a solo trip to a retreat spot out west in a few months.

I don’t need flowers. I don’t need material gifts.

I prefer to give myself time and energy. Pour back into myself.

Let others help you do that too.

Happy mother’s day❤️


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