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Mothers Day Musing

When I was younger and Mother’s Day would come, my father would say: “but isn’t Mother’s Day everyday?”

I’d roll my eyes (out of his view of course), because come on, can’t we just focus on the day?

But he was right. Everyday is a day to honor our mothers and to honor women who are mothers, want to become mothers, experienced loss on their motherhood journey, and who are mother figures to others.

Honoring these women everyday means:

❗️Paying women equally.

❗️Stop telling women to “enjoy her break” and “time off” when she has a newborn - (addressing how out of touch and ridiculous those statements are would take up an entire book or books)

❗️Valuing family and giving women paid family leave

❗️Stop giving women feedback at work you don’t also tend to give men (tons of research on this)

❗️Give working parents flexibility to do their jobs well and be present parents.

❗️Stop talking like you know what’s best for a woman and her body. You don’t.

❗️Start actually noticing the lack of women and women of color in a board room, courtroom, and any room where decisions are made. Then do something about it.

I’d take allyship in consistent ACTION to create meaningful change any day .... over a Happy Mother’s Day message once a year!


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