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New podcast drop 🎧

I met Illianna Acosta when we recorded the podcast episode I’ve been posting about. Before that, I’d been low key lurking and following her content, reading her newsletter Lost in Translation.

I also listened to her episode on the Hella Latin@ podcast with Odalys Jasmine Garcia Arce (one of my favorites!) and knew I had to have a conversation with her.

When I was about to hit record for the episode we recorded, I quickly checked in with Illianna and asked: “Are you ready?” and she responded: “Are YOU ready?”

That’s when I knew we were about to have an epic conversation. And we did.

Illianna’s story, her energy, and her realness resonate with me. I connected with her on what it means to go through the cultural shift of entering the corporate world as a first gen Latina, how to be strategic, how to be a leader and mentor others, how to own your voice and your seat at the table, and so much more.

Listen to our conversation wherever you get your podcasts or check it out here:


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