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No permission needed

You don’t need anyone’s permission to do what you want when you want to do it.

Stop waiting for the approval.

Stop waiting for the sign that it’s the right time.

Stop waiting for the epiphany.

It rarely happens that way.

Trust yourself.

You know yourself the best.

The only person holding you back from betting on yourself is you.

Your problem isn’t necessarily that you don’t have clarity on how to move forward.

Some of you deep down know exactly what you want and need.

You just haven’t claimed it yet.

You just aren’t sure how to get it.

You let everything that could get in your way prevent you from even trying.

You think it’s impossible.

I’m here to tell you it’s possible.

I’m an example of it.

I’ve seen it in the women I work with.

I’ve coached women who thought they couldn’t do what they are doing right now.

Less stress.

More peace.

More acceptance of temporary micro-seasons of life.

More joy.

More energy to pour into themselves.

Feeling empowered in their careers.

Clarity on what’s next and what they are driving towards.

More fulfillment.

More alignment with their values and priorities in life.

They had to learn to trust themselves to be open to a new reality.

And when they did, the game changed.

You have more agency than you think right now.

No more holding yourself back.

Claim what you want and deserve by making the decision and taking action to make it real.

We aren’t talking about change overnight.

I’m talking about transformation over time.

True transformation, if you’re open to it.

If you decide you’re ready for it.

If you’re willing to start trying.

To you claiming what you know you want and deserve👏🏽


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