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Overcoming Mom Guilt

When I first became a mother years ago, I mistakenly thought that becoming a mom meant that every other part of me had to take a backseat. That meant I felt guilty for working so much and for doing things that didn’t involve my kids. Over the years, I’ve learned that motherhood does not mean martyrdom. I’ve also come so far in feeling in my bones that my value and worth as a person especially as a mother cannot be tied to external validation and approval. That’s giving too much of my power away. My identity as a mother and everything I am is still shifting because I’m evolving. We all are. Each year, each month and week, we’re evolving. And with each evolution and season of life — as ambitious powerful moms and leaders — we have to remind ourselves of all the parts of us. We have to remember to take care of our spirits and always come back to ourselves, our truest selves. Sometimes that means asking ourselves questions about how we’re really doing and what may need to be adjusted so that we can live fully in THIS season of life. No more avoiding or delaying with distractions. This episode of the podcast is for all my ambitious moms working to be the best moms and leaders they can be. I’m sharing two steps to reset and get back to you in this season of life. To you living full out in your current season ❤️ Listen to the episode wherever you get your fave podcasts or check it out here: #podcast #womenempowerment #womenleadership #womensupportingwomen #womenlawyers


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