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Own your power

Don’t give anyone the power to write your story. Fight to hold the pen. That means you have to live *your* life on your terms - not the life others expect of you. What does it take? ✅courage ✅being willing to disappoint others so you don’t disappoint yourself ✅grit ✅gratitude because you realize you have ONE life and that life is lived now ✅abundance of love for yourself and for those who’ll be inspired by you going after what you want and deserve 👊🏽 So tell me. Are you living the life you really want? Are you who you say you want to be? If you’re not, get to work👏🏽👏🏽 Don’t say you’ll “think about it when you have time” or that you’ll “get to it later.” That just means you don’t want that life badly enough. YET. #reminder #intentions #clarity #courageovercomfort #focus #innerwork#actions #decide #alignment #selfempowerment #meaning #dothework #certifiedhighperformancecoach


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