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Owning it (Part II)

If you’ve ever wondered whether you belong at the table, if you’ve played it small and shrunk yourself even a bit to fit in, if you’ve struggled with finding and owning your voice and your worth, and if you ever asked yourself how you can lean into unique superpower, this episode is for you. This conversation with guest and powerhouse Illiana Acosta is going to help you see you are not alone in what you’ve been through, give language to things you are feeling and, help you navigate those feelings and roadblocks.

Illianna Acosta is all about helping people and organizations amplify their connection to community, leadership and belonging. She draws inspiration from humble beginnings that taught her a great deal about choosing a future outside of what she saw in front of her.

With 20 years of experience in AdTech, partnerships, and sales, Illianna is a Senior Manager at LinkedIn, managing Global AdTech Partnerships. Her work focuses on accelerating innovation, revenue, and customer growth. It was imperative to find her way, voice, and the support that would lead her to feel empowered enough to show up as herself.

Illiana is the Global Co-Chair of LinkedIn’s Hispanic ERG. She’s a member of the Chief network, she serves on the National Board of the 100 Hispanic Women Organization, and she is the Co-President of the Cornell Johnson School NY Alumni Organization. She is also the author of Lost In Translation, a newsletter focused on highlighting challenges and limitations for historically excluded groups, with experiences that have shaped who they are and how they show up in their personal and professional lives.

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