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Owning Your Purpose

We might think having certain titles and jobs means we’ve finally arrived, that we made it, or that we are “successful.” Or at least, it appears to the outside word that we are. But what if we don’t feel fulfilled in the job we’re in? What if we aren’t getting as excited as our colleagues about the work? Your job doesn’t have to satisfy your every need. What you need in a job is different from what someone else needs. But what if you need better work-life integration and a stronger connection to your substantive work? What if being great at it and challenged by it isn’t enough? What if you realize what you’re doing right now isn’t IT. It’s not what you’re meant to do. Financial strategist and former Biglaw Lawyer Jessica Medina joined me on the Humble Rising podcast to share how she navigated this question and pursued a career path that aligned with who she was and what she was meant to do. Jessica delves into her Dominican and Puerto Rican upbringing, being a single mom of twins at Columbia Law School, why she chose Biglaw and her experience there, her pivot to the SEC, and the work she does now: helping lawyers find fiscal freedom to pursue their own dreams as an Accredited Financial Counselor. There was a point I got so emotional listening to how Jessica overcame her financial struggles as a mom in law school, that I had to take a long pause to respond and ask a question. Jessica is funny and light-hearted so you’ll catch us laughing too. It goes with her total bada$$ness. \

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