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To all the parents who love days off work with their kids during the holidays but then think: oh. what am I going to do with them…….

Know this:

You’re doing great.

They love that they get to have more time with you!

Take time to rest on your days off even though the kids are around. Can you ask someone including your partner to watch the kids so you can go do something for YOU.

Take things off your to-do list.

Build those legos. But don’t step on them. Ouch.

Have kids help you with the piles of laundry.

Snuggle them.

Hug them.

Hold them tight.

Think back to this past year and all you’ve been through as a parent just trying to do your best.

You did it.

You made it.


To all my parents out there doing this work, family, life thing: you’ve done great.

Give yourself some grace as the year comes to a close.


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