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One thing we don’t talk about as professional women is how important it is to pick a partner (if you want one) who treats your work equally to theirs, and views you as a whole human with needs and desires.

We talk a lot about what workplaces need to do to ensure equity and inclusion, and how they need to change.

We talk a lot about how we ourselves have a certain sphere of control and agency.

We talk about the impact of effective and human centered leadership and how important it is to develop great leaders to have great teams.

This is all true.

But we as women also need to talk more about our relationships and marriages (again, if you’re in one or want one) and how critical it is for you to have a true partner.

A true partner is someone who doesn’t default to you for household and childcare duties.

Your partner isn’t “babysitting”. They are a parent. It is literally their job to care for their kids and leave work to tend to a sick child.

They care about and show you through their actions how much they value your work, your career, your ambition, your desires and needs.

They SHOW you.

And sometimes you don’t fully know until you’re in it.

But you then have decisions you can make.

Don’t talk about you not having a choice.

You do.

And we don’t talk enough about the choice to stay, leave or enter these types of relationships where we’re carrying way too much.

We need to.


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