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Pursue Your Purpose

Fully owning who you are, what you stand for, and your calling is powerful.

It pulls you towards all you know you can be and contribute, even when fear, uncertainty, and those previous versions of you tell you to wait.

Even when they keep asking: who do you think you are to do this?

Well, who are you NOT to?

Who better than YOU?

You have your own unique lens because no one has lived your life.

Only you.

No one can give what you can give.

Only you.

This is one of the many takeaways from my conversation with my friend Bianca Forde @b_stands_4_boss whose living her truth and calling, on this week’s episode of the Humble Rising Podcast.

Bianca is a fearless advocate, justice warrior, former federal prosecutor, and author of Prosecuted Prosecutor.

In this conversation, Bianca and I delve into her transition from being an attorney at a law firm to her experience as a federal prosecutor, and the need for prosecutor-led criminal justice reform as discussed in her book.

Her book Prosecuted Prosecutor shares her compelling personal story of being arrested and spending 18 hours in custody during the time she was a federal prosecutor and its impact on her.

Her book meticulously outlines practical, actionable steps that prosecutors can take NOW to help transform the criminal justice system from within.

We explore all of this as well as her personal journey of fully stepping into and OWNING her true purpose in life.

Let’s go.👏🏽

Listen wherever you get your podcasts or check it out here:


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