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Re-imagining Inclusion

“I am all for underrepresented talent, so long as they are good”

“It’s time to have courageous conversations about race. Let’s ask our employees of color to lead them.”

Have you heard people make comments like this?

Maybe in your current company, or a previous one?

These are some of the myths Mita Mallick is debunking in her new book: Reimagine Inclusion: Debunking 13 Myths to Transform Your Workplace.

Mita and I talked about the myths in the latest episode of the Humble Rising Podcast.

Mita has her own podcast on the LinkedIn network with Dee C. Marshallcalled Brown Table Talk, which is how I first got introduced to Mita. Dee and Mita’s discussions sometimes gut me, make me feel like they are in my head, and at the same time make me feel so proud to be a women of color in this space.

Mita is also a Chief Diversity Officer and has been in various business roles throughout her career. You may have read her articles in the Harvard Business Review or the many other publications she’s written for.

She’s been in the trenches, she’s seen a lot, and she’s experienced a lot.

Mita is a powerhouse and I can’t wait for you (especially allies and leaders) to hear her perspective in this episode, including practical ways to help you transform your workplace.

Listen here: or whereever you get your podcasts.


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