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Rising Together Movement

There’s nothing like being in a room full of Latinas and allies working through all the ancestral cultural beliefs and messages that hold us back, and learning how to shift our mindset to become our very best.

Today, I had the privilege of attending the Rising Together Movement event by Valeria Aloe (author of Uncolonized Latinas) where we did that, and made deep, beautiful connections with other women in the process.

I met some incredible women (too many to list here) from executives to professors who were so inspiring. I felt so proud to be in this community today with Constanza Cabello, Ed.D.Yesenia BelloGail Ayala TaylorElisa Charters (pictured below) Maita Vert CrockerCarolina AlarcoDulce Orozco and so many more.

There was a palpable energy in the room. We had honest, powerful conversations with each other.

I felt validated and connected. I saw myself in others’ stories, successes and challenges.

I’m really still processing it all.❤️

Many of us are first generation, or immigrants from all over Latin America and other parts of the world: Colombia, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic (👏🏽), Venezuela, Mexico, Costa Rica, Peru, Argentina, and more.

You could hear English and Spanish being spoken everywhere and it felt like HOME.

We were able to have the conversations other women like us (like our mothers)didn’t have the opportunity to have. They were in survival mode. We have to break the chain and the cycle of the scarcity mindset, the cycle of working to exhaustion, the cycle of the constant self-sacrifice, the cycle of staying quiet to avoid conflict, the cycle of not asking for what we want, need and deserve.

As Valeria says: “As we set ourselves free from ancestral mindsets of limitation and lack, the sky’s the limit for us.”

I’m fired up. 🔥 As a women’s coach, it is always about what’s inside first. When we want to create a change or take a specific action (especially when it brings up the fear of the unknown), we have to address our mindset, thoughts and feelings first.

It starts from within. ❤️

Thanks for an incredible day Valeria Aloe🙌🏽 And thanks to KPMG US for sponsoring and hosting us, State Street and Latina Surge for sponsoring, as well as IBM Tessa HillinNicole Castro, and others.

Latina Professionals these are the types of conversations (like this led by Valeria) that we need to be having as a community.


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