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Scared is better than stagnant…

Do you know anyone who’s fearless? 🤔I don’t.

I don’t like the unknown or uncertainty. That’s when worst case scenarios run wild in my mind.

Leaving big law years ago was a big decision. I was closing certain doors and leaving brilliant and supportive colleagues and mentors.

I didn’t know if my next move was going to work out.

I didn’t know if I’d regret it.

I was terrified it wouldn’t work out the way I’d hoped.

But I knew I had to shift my career to see what else I could do. To do the things I believed at that time I could learn and how I could grow. That much was clear to me.

So I saw no other option but to move forward.

Turns out it worked out way better than I could’ve anticipated. I’ve grown immensely and continue to be challenged in new ways.

I’m grateful - not only for the opportunity but the fear and uncertainty too. It made me work. 👏🏽 Made me learn and grow. It still does!

When you move through your fear to take steps towards something you want, you’re already winning.

It’s not about having no fear; it’s about taking action despite that fear.

You’ll do that again and again when what you want is that important to you. 👊🏽

Share your tips on how to deal with fear and uncertainty.


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