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Searching and chasing…

You can keep searching and chasing in the hopes you’ll finally find the freedom, joy and peace you’re looking for, but you aren’t going to find it out there.

It’s not typically some event, person, job or any single thing that will provide all that for you.

I’ve learned over the years and in coaching powerful women leaders and lawyers that everything they want to feel and be is generated from within.

They just don’t fully know it yet, so we go inward.

They face their own truths and values, and grapple with decisions they need to make.

They recognize tough moments and seasons for what they are: temporary periods of time where all the coping skills and tools you have matter the most, and where you adjust to your real situation.

These seasons can hurt, be painful, and they can humble you, teach you and transform you.

Women I work with allow all of it to happen.

These women are ambitious, determined, strong, resilient…..but most importantly, they believed that another way to live their lives was possible.

And they were open to exploring the possibilities so that they could get closer to the life they wanted.

Your power to decide what you want and to go for it…. It’s all already inside of you.

You don’t need permission.

You may just need a partner on the journey.

And I’m here for that.

DM me the word “coach” if you want to join my waitlist for a special coaching program I’m launching.

Don’t overthink this.

If you’re interested, just send me a message and type “coach”. I’ll add you to my list so you can be among the first to know when I open up the program.

To your journey to living your best life🙌🏽


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