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Self-care is a radical idea in a culture that celebrates pushing through sickness and exhaustion.

Yes, celebrated.

When I was a junior associate and had food poisoning on a work trip, I was praised for being at the client’s office and sticking with it by showing up when I was sick.

It apparently showed commitment.

And I adored the people I worked with. It wasn’t their fault they praised being sick at work and still performing. They too had been praised for the same thing.

Mothers who work both in and outside the home are also praised when they appear to “do it all” and have it all together.

We are expected to make it look easy.

So mothers too often don’t ask for enough support and help, don’t pump the breaks, and don’t take a break.

These are all learned thinking patterns we need to break.

Self-care starts with unlearning these thinking patterns.

And it means learning how to set and reinforce boundaries that enable you to be emotionally, physically and mentally well.

Only you know what that entails.

You have to ask yourself: what do I most need and why is this so important to me? And what do I need to change to give that to myself.

You deserve to feel great about your life friends. You do.

Stop convincing yourself that you’ll work on it at some later time. Because you and I both know you’ve been saying that for too long.

Prioritize taking care of yourself.

And every single time you pour into your cup and take care of you (yes everyday), celebrate that.

Praise yourself for it.👏🏽

You’re doing something radical.

And that’s a beautiful thing.


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