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Growing up a child of immigrant parents, I felt a weight of expectations on my shoulders. I had to make good on my parents’ sacrifices and prove to everyone that I was worth it, smart enough and capable. I saw that as both a blessing (motivation, gratitude) and a burden (pressure to prove & please). But exploring my strengths, values, interests, and what excited me, or being empowered to identify my own compass to guide my life and career? That was for people who could afford to do that (i.e. not me). The message to me was: get an education and a stable job that paid well, which didn’t involve exploring & experimenting. Now many years later, I know that’s not true. We can be practical (because we need money to live) and take time to figure out who we want to be and what we want versus what we *think* makes us look “successful” to prove that we achieved the American Dream. On today’s episode of the Humble Rising Podcast, Professor Tosin Richard and I dig into all 👏🏽of 👏🏽this, the need for NOT self-reflection, but self-confrontation (hello brutal honesty!), and how we figure out what we want and what fulfills us. 🎙Listen on whichever platform you get your podcasts or click the link


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