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It took me years to get clear on the life I wanted and why. I had a hard time turning down the volume on all the noise like fancy titles, fulfilling the expectations of others, and the traditional definitions of success.

But when I realized those things weren’t actually important to me (I used them as external validators and measures), there was no turning back.

I couldn’t unlearn what I knew about myself.

So I took the steps to align that inner knowing with my life. I made professional and personal decisions people didn’t fully understand, but that’s not their job. And that’s not my burden to carry.

Get clear on what *you* want and why. That will push you forward and serve as your inner compass.

Your inner compass is your most trusted guide. 🧭

It will help you say no to the things and relationships that aren’t aligned with who you are and what you want and need. 👊🏽

It’s unique to you, your experiences, your desires, your capabilities, and your potential. And it can evolve over time. Because you’re constantly evolving.

So turn up the volume on what you know is true for you and try to silence the noise around you. Start there.

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