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Self Love Reminder…

No one is perfect, no one gets it right 100% of the time, we are all learning together as we grow & travel our life journey. There is no perfect fit, perfect path, perfect way, because we are beautifully unique in so many ways. I hear women telling me how they have wasted so much time, they made so many mistakes, cannot believe how off the rails they were...but love I am here to tell you that all that self-doubt, that negative self-talk, you have to let it go. You need to free yourself from it, the toxicity of it, the weight of it, if you truly want to move past it. The ironic part is all these things you think were “wastes” in your past, are what helped shape you into who you needed to be. Who you have GROWN to be. Who you were DESTINED to be. It is only through challenges, our experiences, our mistakes, that we can truly learn & evolve as human beings. Transformation isn't easy, it doesn’t happen over night. It can be a grueling & exhausting process. But you have to trust the process. You have to learn to look back at your journey & acknowledge your mistakes, accept the failures, FORGIVE yourself for these things if you want to MOVE past them & FULLY TRANSFORM. You have to learn to love yourself, for all your brains, beauty, & strength...your power, your imperfections, your drive, your past, & your future. You have to be able to love yourself if you want to truly make positive change in your life & embrace you you were always meant to be. Love yourself sis. Forgive yourself, & move the heck ON. To where you are meant to be, where you want to be, where you deserve to be. I am here for you, rooting for you, believing in you. I’m here to remind you that you are powerful now. You’re powerful now to create that life and career you want and deserve.


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