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Self reflections

My family and I found this picture - it’s me after I got sworn in to the MA bar in 2008. Pictures like this make me reflect on how far I’ve come and how I may be my ancestors’ wildest dream.

Who would have thought….

I’m the daughter of immigrants from the Dominican Republic 🇩🇴

Was two years behind in 3 subjects when I got to high school

Fought my way to catch up and exceed expectations of me

Told my guidance counselor to kick rocks when he told me I wouldn’t get into any of the colleges I wanted to go to (I was top 50 in my class; my sister top ten. He wasn’t telling other people who didn’t look like us the same thing)

Found a home and community at Boston College (go eagles 🦅)

Graduated magna cum laude from BC then cum laude from BC Law.

After I got sworn in as a lawyer: I did big law, clerked for two incredible powerhouse judges, went in-house, got married and had 3 kids, shifted from legal and compliance to HR (and I love it), served as adjunct faculty at Boston College’s business school, became a women’s life and high performance coach, started a podcast going almost 2 years strong, received an honorary degree from BC, have done keynote speeches and panels, and joined Boards and organizations dedicated to uplifting my community.

What that list doesn’t show is the immense personal and professional growth I’ve experienced since I started my professional career. I had multiple identity shifts, an identity crisis and sadness when I had my first child, have suffered from depression and anxiety, suffered deep personal losses, made mistakes, had successes and setbacks, and had supportive family, colleagues, mentors and friends along the entire way.

Every single person I’ve met, every relationship, every job, mentor, assignment, case, project, experience, emotion, struggle and triumph has led me to where I am today.

I’m grateful. 🙏🏽

I’m honored.

And I’m still channeling my ancestors’ energy everyday. I’m here for it.


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