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Self Talk

Here we are, at the close of our Monday. And today I want us to set the week off right. Today I want to challenge you to change your self talk.

I want you to shift how you speak to yourself, shift how you respond to yourself, and learn to adapt a more empathetic and friendly approach to yourself in times of frustration.

You are only human, and no matter how much you want to juggle the 1000 things on your plate perfectly, never miss a deadline, never miss a school recital, never miss a spin is going to happen. And thats ok.

Sometimes there just are not enough hours in the day, sometimes things will come up that take precedence, and sometimes we just downright spread ourselves too thin.

We are human, we have faults, we make mistakes, we forget things, but that doesn’t make us terrible people. It certainly doesn’t warrant us belittling or chastising ourselves so harshly that it damages our own perception of ourselves.

Today I challenge you to adapt a new way of speaking with yourself, refocusing in on your self-talk and asking yourself:

“Is this how I would speak to a friend if they came to me?”

Because chances are NO you wouldn’t. We are almost always harsher on ourselves then we are others, and while it is a hard habit to break, it is a CRUCIAL one.

Learning to speak to ourselves with the same respect and care we do to the people we love demonstrates self- love, and that is something we all need a little more of.

Wishing you all the care and grace today, be kind to yourself.

With gratitude, Arivee.


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