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Setting an example

These are my little girls. The ones who watch how I talk to myself and how treat myself.

The ones who watch what I do and don’t do.

They notice if I’m reading and what I’m reading (usually some non-fiction on how to live a good life).

They notice when I’m on my phone (the youngest will request the Lion King if she sees that phone).

They notice when if I’m feeling down, feeling excited or frustrated. And they notice how I handle it - including when it doesn’t go well. (They call sadness feeling blue).

But I have the privilege and honor of being a mother and a role model to these girls on how to take care of themselves and treat themselves, so they know the treatment they must expect from others.

If there is a gift I can give them, it’s that. It’s how to love and care for yourself in a culture that celebrates unrealistic and Eurocentric ideals of beauty, being skinny over strong, people pleasing, hustling for your worth, and earning your happiness— especially for girls and women.

So my girls (I hope) will learn that joy, freedom, fulfillment, meaning and a good life isn’t a box you check off.

It isn’t a destination. It isn’t something to be “achieved” or put on a resume to be praised.

Because you’re never “done”.

There will be unexpected loss, emotional pain and challenges- that’s part of life.

But if they can learn that life is a journey and that they are always worthy of everything they are, want, need and deserve, I’ve done part of my job.

This is for the girls, women, and the men who support us. To all of you ❤️


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