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Success in this Chapter

What does success look like to you in this chapter of your life? Not what society, your profession, or culture says success should be.

It will look different depending on where you’re at in life, your responsibilities, your desires, needs, and values.

For me, success in this chapter looks like this.

1. Feeling centered and aligned with my values, priorities, and my faith in everything I do daily.

2. Leaning into what brings me energy and joy. I do more of that and less of what depletes it.

This includes movement and spending time with friends, and more.

3. Making a positive impact in people’s lives, especially professional women, women of color and first gens.

As a daughter of Dominican immigrants, uplifting my first gen and Latina community means everything to me.

4. Each day spending quality time with my kids.

It means asking them questions, doing their gratitude journals with them, and playing with them.

5. Having a strong and attentive relationship with my husband Trevor Rozier-Byrd who is an entrepreneur working tirelessly on his company Stackwell with a critical mission to address the racial wealth gap.

I say “attentive” because we’re so busy sometimes we’re like ships passing through the night. And we work on actually seeing each other. “I see you” is one of our go to phrases.


Each day I do my best to live this personal vision of success. This is the bird’s eye view.

The day-to-day is about my mindset, my calendar, a set of habits and actions.

So what does success look like to you in this chapter of life and how can you live into that a bit more today?

You deserve everything the new year will bring your way.

But first decide what you want it to look like for YOU.

Happy New Year / Feliz Año Nuevo ❤️


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