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Sunday Reflection

Do you dismiss what you've done and accomplished (big or small), saying they aren't "a big deal"? 🙋🏻‍♀️ I often feel like I have so much more to learn and do, that it's very hard to take a moment and appreciate what I have done. It's critical to have goals and to establish habits and a mindset to achieve them. But it's equally important to be present and acknowledge and appreciate how far you've come. Have you taken the time to think about all you conquered in 2020? If you say you merely survived 2020, I don't buy it. You grew stronger and more resilient. You did things. You learned something new. You showed up the best way you could - for work, for yourself, for family, for friends. To help you acknowledge all you did in 2020 (nothing is "too small"), complete the I DID LIST 2020, created by one of my favorite people in the world Diana Isern (long-time NYC educator and fellow perpetual student of personal and leadership development). Link below👇🏽. Use it to write down what you did and what you're most proud of. Give yourself credit for that. 👊🏽


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