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Take time for introspection…

We’re often so consumed with getting it done each day that we don’t take a moment to ask ourselves: is the life I’m creating the life I really want to be living? How are you doing in relationships with friends, family and partner, work, parenting, emotional and mental wellness? Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? How is your relationship with yourself? How are you treating yourself? Are you kind to her? Do you give her what she needs? Do you ask her what she needs? We forget to say yes to ourselves and be loyal to the deepest parts of us that know exactly how we really want to live, love and work. We don’t do this intentionally, we’re just so…… busy and then we don’t have these honest conversations with ourselves. But at some point, we will all ask ourselves these kinds of questions, whether it’s proactively or reactively (when we hit a crisis or a crossroads). Here’s my challenge for you: Take 15 minutes over the next 3 days to think about (and type in your phone or computer, or write it down, or voice memo), how you’re really doing and what you can adjust or shift in this season of life to align what you care the most about with how you’re living each day. ❤️ PS. I do these bigger reflections by the ocean. It’s my place. You don’t need to go anywhere to ask yourself questions about your life, but if you need the space, take it and go somewhere. FOR YOU. #parenting #womenempowerment #womenleaders #career

If you don’t have an ocean close by, I will share mine with you 💜


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