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TEDx Talk

This is me very late at night recording an intro video for a TEDx talk submission. I had put off this recording for one reason: I was delaying feeling like it wasn’t going to be good enough. That’s the straight up truth.

But the deadline was approaching and I had been working on the draft of the talk for several months using up precious weekend evening time.

I remembered WHY I wanted to do the talk in the first place. I wanted to share a message at this TEDx that I needed to hear more than seven years ago, when I felt confused and completely misaligned. I knew so many other women in my shoes. I needed to feel like someone got it and that there was a way through and forward that wasn’t so overwhelming.

So I did it. I submitted that draft and the intro video.

TEDx Talk submission ✅ done.

To all of you on the cusp of doing something that you know deep down is what you want and need to do, the next step isn’t more thinking. It’s action - even if you still have some self-doubt. You’re human. You can do this. Go for it.

Your spirit will give you a high five👋🏽and so will I.


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