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The Human Experience

It’s ok to feel helpless and hopeful at the same time. We feel multiple feelings at the same time that feel true and real to us, even if they seem objectively contradictory. It’s inherent in the lived, messy, and beautiful human experience. I’m feeling the weight of that today on Election Day. I feel helpless (feeling like one vote counts but doesn’t move the needle) and hopeful at the same time (feeling like we can change things for the better and that other people who care about human decency, human rights and our collective humanity will help make it happen). Yes, it’s complex and paradoxical, and there are deeper layers to these feelings. But they are there. We all have multiple layers to multiple feelings at the same time. I’m feeling more hopeful than hopeless today though. I’m hopeful for the future we can create together. A much better future. But I have to vote and take other actions to make sure I’m actively doing my part. I can’t simply hope without action and expect a different result. Hope and action go together. So I’m off to go #votenow! Who is with me?👊🏽 #selfempowerment #womenempoweringwomen #humanrights#womensupportingwomen


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