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“The journey doesn't end…”

My 7-year-old told me that “Run the World (girls)” by Beyoncé made him feel left out, because “what about boys like me?” He has said this before and I honestly distracted him with a different topic.

I do that as a parent when I’m not in the headspace to engage in the way I know I need to, or if I’m tired.

This time we talked it through.

I asked him: do you know there are opportunities men have by being men that women don’t have?

He looked confused.

So I asked: Has a woman been president of the U.S.?

He said excitedly: Yes! Michelle Obama.

I smiled and I said that her husband Barack was President.

My son thought they led back to back presidencies.

I told him that there are a lot of rights that women still don’t have all over the world including in the U.S.

I told him women and men aren’t treated the same everywhere, they aren’t paid the same everywhere for the same work.

I told him in some places women don’t even truly own their bodies.

He understood … maybe not fully the last one because I don’t think he’s old enough to understand what that really means.

But he said it makes him sad that women don’t have equal rights.

And he jumped right into fix it mode. “That’s not fair. I’m going to change that. Everyone should be equal.”

Our kids are listening and they are watching.

They understand when something isn’t right and when we treat people differently.

I know these conversations with my son will only get more frequent and I’m not fully prepared.

I do love the fact that he thought Michelle Obama was President and was so sure about it.

I told him how much I admire Michelle because of her story and how she recognizes we all have room to grow and learn, and that our journeys to be the best we can be is never-ending.

“For me, becoming isn't about arriving somewhere or achieving a certain aim. I see it instead as forward motion, a means of evolving, a way to reach continuously toward a better self. The journey doesn't end.” - Michelle Obama



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