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The “Successful” illusion

used to care so much about exceeding others’ expectations of me, about what they thought of me: was I smart enough, good enough, and had what it took to be “successful”.

I was often told I was too ambitious and that I did too much. That I needed to step back especially when I had kids. 🙄

Yes, when doing too much landed me in burnout, I had gone too far. But that was a season of my life and it just meant I needed an adjustment.

Now, I’m doing all the things I love and that give me life! I’m integrating all the parts of my life and allowing it be easier for me than before. I have hard moments but I’m anchored in my own power to adjust when needed.

I needed to give myself permission to be all of me and do what worked for ME.

I finally chose myself.


Self-love is still a journey for me but oh my goodness, I’ve come so incredibly far.

I care very little about what anyone thinks of how I live my life.

What matters is whether I love my life. Because no one is living it but me.

And I love that Dina Scippa and I are both on a similar mission to empower women to embrace their power, ambition, and all they are.

Listen to this second part of the two-part episode with Dina on the Humble Rising Podcast to hear Dina and I talk about how we as women can choose ourselves, and how we can step into what we actually want.

Listen here: or wherever you get your podcasts.


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