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There is power in your name…

If you ever go to a coffee shop with me and hear the barista ask me what my name is for the order, I will say: Natalie. It’s my middle name. I never use my first name anymore. Or my last name. I couldn’t continue to bear to see “Arevay” or “Bargus” on the cup anymore. The misspellings— It hurt my heart. My raíces. So I switched to Natalie. My kids and my parents chuckle when they hear me use it because they know why I do it. (And my kids correct everyone who says my first name wrong in front of them - kids don’t lie; they are truth tellers!) But Natalie still doesn’t really work. Exhibit A is below. He wrote my name was: Nadli? I kind of get how the guy could have landed on that spelling, but….. If you’re going to ask for my name, ask me how to spell it. If you’re going to ask me for my name, be prepared to hear it. If you’re going to ask me for my name, be prepared to practice saying it. And if we’re going to interact more than once, learn it. Don’t tell me you care about inclusion and that you are a dique (Spanish slang word for supposed) ally and you don’t want to validate the very foundation of someone’s identity: their NAME. So no, this post isn’t really about a name on a cup (because baristas in the morning are doing their best in the rush of it all); it’s about the power in a name, spelling it and saying it correctly. No, my name is not Arrive. It’s not Arivay. My name is Arivee. Arivee. Click on my profile. Go to my picture. There is a sound icon. I added the pronunciation of my name. Listen to it. Practice it. At least three times. Pretend the R is a D. Say it fast. And you’ll get it. I promise. And no it’s not French (although I love the language). It’s Spanish. Because I’m Dominican. 🇩🇴 And proud of it.🙌🏽 #inclusion #womenempowerment #firstgeneration #latinas


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