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Three Brothers…

When your husband and his older brother present their youngest brother with his law degree from the same law school they graduated from years ago. 🙌🏽

Yes. It’s a true story.

Over here building a legacy: with grit, resilience, hard work and a deep appreciation for those who came before them.

Just by being themselves, they are showing our kids what is possible, including my two little ones pictured below.

To Timothy Rozier-Byrd: we are so proud of you hermanito! Boston University School of Law is so lucky to have had you and your brothers there.

Terence L. Byrd: I can’t imagine the pride you feel as their father. We love you abuelo!

P.S. No, you aren’t seeing things. That is my oldest daughter with a Cinderella dress on. Why? Because she wanted to wear it and I’m 👏🏽all👏🏽for👏🏽it.


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