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Tired vs Burned Out

I thought being tired emotionally, mentally, physically was part of the deal we make when we’re dedicated and ambitious professionals and parents.

But being tired and burnt out are different.

I had no idea what the differencebetween burnout and exhaustion was. I also didn’t truly know the symptoms of medically diagnosed depression and anxiety.

I thought depression is sadness and anxiety is extreme worry.

I wasn’t totally off, but then I went through essentially all of these and I FELT the difference.

I share this because a lot of us suffer in silence. There’s still a stigma when it comes to seeking support for our mental health.

We mistakenly believe we will be seen as weak especially by colleagues and family, that we are weak, and that we need to get it together and move on.

We think:

Our parents sucked it up, why is this so hard for me?

Other people have it “worse” than me. I should feel lucky and grateful.

I need to keep it moving because if I don’t, everything will fall apart.

None of this is helpful to think, but we think it anyway.

The way to handle a very hard time and burnout, depression and anxiety is moving THROUGH it.

Easier said than done but it can be done.

I’m the proof.

And I’m not the only one.

So many women you know right now are struggling in silence, they are numbing and suppressing and shaming themselves for how they feel.

But they are not alone.

Listen to this week’s podcast episode to learn more about how you know it’s burnout, depression or something else. The first step is recognizing it, its seriousness and then getting the support you need to move through it.

Because we all deserve to feel like we LOVE our lives. Yes, LOVE our lives.❤️

I’m going to keep saying it until you start to believe it’s possible for you.


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