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Un-learning beliefs

Stay quiet. Don’t make a fuss.

Be strong and do it all.

Sacrifice to be successful.

Work for your worth.

Respect and don’t stand up to authority because to be “good” means to be obedient and compliant even when it’s at your expense.

These are messages we received over time from childhood into our professional lives, especially women of color.

We internalized these messages and they became our beliefs, subconsciously.

And they manifest in every area of our lives.

So we don’t bet on ourselves.

We play small.

We hold so much in even if we’re really struggling inside.

We don’t speak up the way we want at home or work because we didn’t truly do that growing up. We don’t know what it looks like without it feeling disrespectful.

We stay obedient and don’t stand in our inherent power and stick up for ourselves and others.

What we believe determines so much of our actions and how we ultimately live our lives.

Even though it doesn’t feel good to be quiet, to feel small, to always feel the pressure to be perfect in ways that aren’t helpful, to always fight for your place, to be tired of beating yourself up.

In this episode of the podcast, I’m talking about these beliefs and how to start to unlearn them.

You’ll feel my energy and fire in this episode.

I went off in a few parts because this topic is so important. And I believe we have to reclaim our power to change what’s in our our sphere of self-agency.

Listen here: or whereever you get your podcasts.


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