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We’re great at learning. We’ll always sign up for gaining knowledge and stepping up to a challenge. But we struggle with unlearning old habits, thought patterns, old stories we’ve told ourselves that aren’t actually true or helpful to us.

Because we believe them as true, it’s hard to to unpack them, see them for what they are and where they come from, and let them go.

But this is the work that can bring about real transformation in our lives. Hard but liberating on the other side.

As I look to 2023, I’ve been reflecting on all I unlearned this past year. It’s been quite a year let me tell you - challenging and full of awakening.

Here are the three things I’ve unlearned that stand out the most from 2022:

1. I unlearned to view mental and emotional challenges as a weakness when it comes to me personally. I didn’t think of it as a weakness with others, but I saw it that way for myself. My challenges are part of my story, and they don’t define all I am. It’s ok to not be ok sometimes. Navigating these things has made me stronger and more resilient.

2. I unlearned that asking for help and support means I’m not strong enough, focused enough, that I don’t work hard enough, or that I can’t cut it. Sometimes we need support that we haven’t needed before in different seasons of life.

3. I unlearned that I need to have it all figured out with a long term plan. I can focus on the next right step. (Like taking quickly planned solo trips to the ocean and staying overnight at my favorite spot up north). Different chapters of my life have called for long term plans, but I’m sitting in my truth that my current chapter doesn’t. And that’s freeing.

What about you? What did you unlearn or start to unlearn this year?


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