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We All Need Rest Sometimes…

Rest is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself.

To be at your best and truest, your mind, body and spirit need rest and rejuvenation. We need to pour into ourselves and fill up our cups. That may mean you need to take a breath, some rest, or a longer break. It could mean something else for you. Whatever it is, please do not push it off and delay your healing or push yourself to the point of burnout like millions of women right now. (So if that’s you, you aren’t alone.) Take care of yourself and ask yourself what you most need, before expending energy outwards. Rest and recharge just like that phone of yours (and that phone battery doesn’t even last half a day!). We need much more recharging than our phones because we’re thinking and feeling human beings - always using some type of energy.

Resting and recharging, tuning into what you need and taking action to fulfill those needs is not selfish. It is smart. It is how you give yourself all the love and kindness you so willingly give to others. It is how you can do all the amazing things you do. It is how you cultivate more joy and fulfillment in your life. It’s how you can ensure your mind, body and spirit are aligned and that you’re truly living life the way you want and need (not pretending to be happy) and checking in to see how you’re really doing and feeling. No faking it. No more “pushing through”. No more “need to still survive and be strong.” Your brain wants to protect you by telling you that you still need to run faster and push harder. It’s lying to you though. Those thoughts trick us into believing that we are weak for needing what we need. They trick us into believing that we need to suck it up and keep going, even though we may be struggling, in need of deep healing or getting close to/have reached a breaking point. But your brain doesn’t recognize that you aren’t being chased by the bear or the tiger anymore. You don’t need to keep running to survive and escape the threat, because the threat isn’t there anymore. You’re safe. You don’t need to run as fast as you used to anymore…

So don’t believe those false thoughts that you can’t rest, pause or make time for what you need. Trust your inner knowing. Trust your spirit. Trust your body. You’re already strong. Look at all you’ve been through. Look at everything you are. Look at how you’ve navigate challenges and tough times. You deserve rest. You deserve a break. It’s not just about taking a vacation (although it’s about that too); it’s about making time for yourself each day to check in, focus inward and replenish a part of you. I see you because I am you. I need rest just like you. And if I’m keeping it 100, I haven’t been giving myself what I most need lately. That’s why I’m currently on a summer sabbatical for all coaching. Coaching spots will open back up in the fall. Reach out to secure a spot and you’ll be added to the waitlist. Until then, join the email list for updates, hit up the blog and the podcast, and continue to check in with yourself on how you’re really doing - mind, body, and spirit. Be kind to yourselves. Be gentle with yourselves. I’m right here with you.

With love and gratitude,



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