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What are your strengths?

🤔If someone asked you, what are your top three character strengths, what would you say? Character strengths are about who you are as a person. It’s how you show up in every aspect of your life. At home. At work. All of it. 🔥Your strengths light you up. Some call it being in the zone or in flow. We all have strengths - the question is do you know what your unique ones are and are you using them all the time? I’m a huge fan of assessments that help identify our strengths. The VIA strengths assessment is my favorite, although Good Life Project’s Jonathan Field’s Sparketype assessment is a very close second. The VIA says my three top strengths are love of learning, perspective and perseverance. Those are spot on. When I’m learning, pushing myself forward, and providing perspective, coaching and teaching- I’m in my happy place. Taking these types of assessments twenty years ago in college or even 10 years ago, would’ve helped me figure out how to do more of what energized and fulfilled me. If you’re wondering if you’re flexing your strengths in your job, if a career or job would align with your strengths, or you’re just curious, check out the VIA. Link👇🏽. It’s free🎉


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