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What do you wish?

You can accept where you are and want better for yourself and your family. You can acknowledge how incredible you are and how far you’ve come and also be on a journey to get closer to more fulfillment, joy and less stress and exhaustion.

It’s a constant journey. It can be hard and joyful. Painful and exhilarating. Exciting and exhausting.

My husband and I were in the Berkshires for a weekend away without our three kids (hello parents who need some rest!) and we stopped by this ice cream shop that had all these messages on the wall. People shared what they wish they had the courage to do.

One person said creating the life they wanted even if it flies in the face of social pressures and expectations. And another said take more risks.

These go together in many ways. Pressures and expectations not only come from your upbringing, your current career trajectory and those in your work circles, parents, or society generally, but also the expectations of previous versions of yourself. And sometimes a lot of the pressures are only in our minds 😬

Accept who you are today. Accept what you want today, and what you need today. It is likely different from what you wanted or needed for your life 10 or even 2 years ago.

And that’s OK. You’ve been evolving. You’re on a journey. Focus on your values and priorities, and let them guide you to feel more of what you want to feel and less of what you don’t. I’m not saying it’s going to feel comfortable to shift what you’re doing to live into what you want, but believe it’s possible. I’ve seen it. I’ve lived it.

To your journey 💗


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