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What interests you lately…

When I really put myself out there as a coach, 99% of people who know me didn’t bat an eye. Then there was that 1% who had questions like:

Why can’t you just be content with what you’re already doing? You already do too much.

“People” are going to think you want to coach instead of doing your “day job”.

Why can’t you pick ONE thing?

My response was always the same: I don’t have to be or do only one thing.

I can love both my day job and coaching women outside of that. It’s all part of my calling.

We can be ALL the things we love.

We can do what gives us energy and what let’s us show up in the world the way we want.

And we can be great at more than one thing.

Research shows that most people don’t have only one passion, they have many.

So if you have other interests outside of what you do in your “9-5”, I say explore them if you’re able.

Get curious about them.

Try not to judge yourself or shame yourself out of doing it.

See where it takes you.

What interests have you been exploring more lately?


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