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When imposter syndrome strikes…

We need you exactly as you are.

We need your voice and your perspective.

I know you may not hear this a lot but you’re doing a great job. You’re working hard. You’re learning from those around you, and from mistakes. We all make them.

Trust in yourself.

Trust in your experience.

Trust in all the lessons you’ve learned, and all the work you’ve put in.

Trust that you know what you’re doing and you’re great at it.

Don’t diminish yourself.

Don’t forget all the work you’ve done and challenges you’ve navigated to get to where you are.

We need your light.

We need your voice.

Honor your unique gifts and all you are …right now.

No, you’re not an imposter. You won’t be found out. You didn’t just get lucky. You put in the work.

I dig into imposter syndrome and a perspective on confidence - and how it can be generated - in the most recent episode of the Humble Rising podcast. 🙌🏽

Listen wherever you get your podcasts or check it out here:


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