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When you feel stuck…

If you’ve been wanting to take the leap and go for that next opportunity but you find yourself not being able to make that move, you aren’t alone. Maybe you’re afraid of change. Afraid you won’t be successful. Afraid you might burn bridges. Afraid of the unknown. Afraid the next thing won’t be as great as you hope. Afraid you’ll regret going for it. Law firm partner to law firm owner and entrepreneur Angela Crawford has had all those thoughts and more. The process of deciding to leave partnership at her law firm and embark on her entrepreneurial journey took years. And I’m so thrilled she went for it. She’s now in her professional and personal joy (her words!), and shares on this week’s podcast how she navigated all the fear, insecurity and self-doubt to get there. 🎧Listen wherever you get your favorite podcasts or click the link below. If you need some clarity around what’s next in your career, click the link below to a one-page career clarity guide to get you started!👇🏽


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