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When you just don’t know…

“I don’t know what I want next in my career”… “I don’t know what’s next for me.”… There are so many different reasons you might say these things. Maybe you’ve been in your role for a while and you’re looking for a new challenge or a complete pivot. Maybe your personal life has shifted and it’s changing the way you look at work. It’s changing what you need and want from work. Maybe you’ve been thinking a lot about the direction of your life and you feel in your gut that it’s time for something else, but you don’t know what it is. When you’re really stuck, ask yourself what is the priority in my life right now? Your priorities can shift often. Different seasons of your life can require different priorities. If you have a list of things you want and feel you need that are often battling each other for that top priority spot, ask yourself, what do you need the MOST right now? Is it being challenged and growing in your job? Is it making money for a specific lifestyle you have in mind? Is it having a predictable schedule each day? Is it your personal relationships? It is time for you? No judgment here. We all have different needs and wants and thus different priorities. Just be honest about what they are. Because getting clear on what matters the most to you in this season is one way you can start moving forward. ⭐️I’m dropping something special in 2022 to help you if you’re unsure of what’s next and at a crossroads. Get on the list using the link below 👇🏽if you want more tips and early access!


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