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When you want it…

If you want something, be willing to put in the work to get it and keep it, especially as you evolve as a person and as your environment shifts.

I’m talking about working to get and hold onto what and who makes you feel joy and fulfillment.

⭐️Having a healthy and positive relationship with yourself? Takes work.

⭐️Relationships with friends and others? Takes work.

⭐️Relationships with your kids, your partner, your family? Yes, a lot of work.

⭐️Designing and redesigning a work life that lights you up and is meaningful? Takes work too.

It’s effort. It’s time. It’s your energy and attention.

And it’s about intentionally not focusing on the things and people who drain your bucket rather than help fill it up. 🪣

It’s about prioritizing and re-prioritizing depending on the day, week, month, or year, all to get what *you decide* is worth having and keeping.

So decide and do all you can to keep working at it. 👊🏽


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