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Who is your person?

Who is your person (other than your partner)? That person who has your back, who supports you and who doesn’t judge you no matter what kind of craziness you come to them with.

Someone who checks in on you. Who texts just to say they’ve been thinking of you. Someone who asks you how you are REALLY doing? Someone who knows and accepts you for who you are and challenges you in the right moments.

This is my sister Claribel Vargas. She’s a 1000% inspirational pediatrician serving underserved communities, mostly Latinx. She is my person.

I thought of her this morning because around this time in 2019 I had a late miscarriage. I was 18 weeks along.

My sister flew to Boston the day after my procedure.

This time of year brings about mixed emotions for me. I get sad and then I’m also grateful that I have someone like her, my husband and a support system. At times I don’t lean on them as much as I should, but I know they are there. That matters so much.

Sometimes just knowing that makes you feel less alone.

We all need support. Who is your person or people?

To you and your person ❤️

(And yes I also share this to shed light on the fact that many women have miscarriages and suffer alone and in silence and I’d like to change that)


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