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Women’s History Month

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

When I was 2 years old, I visited Abuela Nieve in the Dominican Republic with my sister (5 yrs old) and my mom. That’s me looking unenthused in my mom’s arms. I was probably just hot and itchy from that dress my mom loved to make me wear.😬

My mother was 25 or 26 in this picture. She worked full time and made sure we were taken care of. There was so much love, dancing and music in our home.

She’d sacrifice her dreams of entering the medical field because my parents couldn’t afford it in time or money.

My father worked full time and he was working towards getting his college degree.

That meant my mom couldn’t also get her college degree and pursue her professional dream.

She says she has no regrets.

And here’s what happened. Beyond what anyone including my parents and any abuelos could have imagined…..

My father would go on to get his college degree, then later on in his life, his masters.

My parents would give everything they had so my sister and I had the best education possible — even if we were two of the few Latinas or people of color in our K-8 school, and weren’t being prepared for high school the way my parents thought.

My sister would become a pediatrician and work her behind off at Dartmouth and in medical school and residency to get there.

I’d do my law thing which morphed into HR, coaching and a podcast - all things I love.

My mother would eventually retire because she worked so hard for so long and it was time to rest (and spend time with her nietos).

My mother is a powerhouse.

She is much of the reason I’m here today.

She’s why I could have present parents.

She’s why my father could get his college degree.

She’s why my sister and I had good Dominican food every day.

She’s why I love my kids so hard because that’s how she loves my sister and I. With everything she has. A lot of affection and laughs.

So today as we start Women’s History Month, I want to honor my mother.

She always says how proud she is of us, but I wish she truly knew how proud I am to be her daughter.

The legacy continues.

Pa’lante 🙌🏽🇩🇴


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