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Working parent struggles

As working parents, we know how challenging it can be to juggle the demands of our jobs and our families, and everything else we do.

Let’s take a moment to celebrate all the hard work we've put in this week, at work, home, and everywhere else we put our attention and energy.

I know I don’t do this enough and focus too much on what I didn’t do, and the patience I didn’t have with the kids or with myself.

To all the parents who have had to leave work to attend a parent-teacher conference, or rush home early to pick up a sick child from school, or who have spent hours helping with homework, getting kids fed, cleaning up, doing laundry, shifting from work mindset to parent mindset (and all the mental and emotional gymnastics that takes)…. I’m clapping it up for you 👏🏽

It's not easy to juggle it all, but we're doing it.

And even on the most hectic days, know that we're making a difference in our children’s lives, our colleagues, and those we serve.🙌🏽

So, here's to all the working parents out there.

Take a deep breath.

Do something for you this weekend.

I’m gonna go boxing 🥊tomorrow in the A.M.


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