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Yes,You Did That in 2021!

As we inch closer to the end of 2021, let’s take the time to reflect on this past year. Acknowledge everything you did, learned, and moved through that deserves recognition, especially the everyday things that add up to so much. How can you do that? Join me for *Yes, You Did That in 2021!* ⭐️When: Thursday, December 30 at 12-1pm EST ⭐️What: One-hour webinar solely for you to reflect on 2021. As your coach for this hour, I’ll guide you through an exercise and series of questions to acknowledge your successes, growth, progress and more. Imagine feeling proud of how far you’ve come and all you’ve conquered, despite that voice that says what you’ve done isn’t good enough and that you should be “further along” in some way. ⭐️Cost: FREE ⭐️NO video participation from you necessary. Participants won’t be able to see each other. That’s intentional. This time is for you. ⭐️Bring a pen and a journal, paper, or any device for capturing your thoughts 🙋🏻‍♀️Register by clicking the link below. Registration closes tomorrow.

Can’t wait to help you give yourself the recognition and compassion you deserve. #growth #selfawareness #reflection #personaldevelopment#womensupportingwomen


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