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Yes You Did That in 2022

Episode 62 transcript

We all deserve to have fulfilling careers and lives. We deserve to experience joy and peace, and freedom and all of those things that make us feel truly alive. It takes a lot of courage for us to take the reins in our lives and take action that honors the deepest parts of ourselves in this current season of life. It takes a lot of courage to lean into growing and to lean into learning, and to know when it's time to make a change. I’m Arivee. I'm a first generation Latina, mom of three and life and high performance coach to women just like you.

And this podcast is for all of us looking to grow and learn and explore what a joyful and fulfilling life and [00:01:00] career can look like, and how to start living into that life right now. We're going to go deep, and we're going to honor our truth in this podcast, and the best thing is we're gonna do it together. So welcome to the Humble Rising Podcast.

[00:00:00] Hi everyone. Hello. Hello. Hello. I'm so glad you're here. Today is special because you are joining me for some time, for reflection, for all that you did, all that you've learned, and how much you've grown in the past year in 2022. For those who don't know me yet, I'm Arivee Vargas. I'm a mother of three. I'm a big law lawyer, former big law lawyer, but always will be thankful for my lawyer years. I've had several pivots before moving into developing and growing talent. I am the host of the Humble Rising Podcast, and I am a women life and high performance coach. And my ‘why’ is simple. It's really to help you step into the power you already had, to [00:01:00] make the shifts to create the life and the career that you've always wanted, that you say that you want, that you long for, and one that I believe you deserve in this season of life. Because sometimes what was true for you two years ago was not the case anymore. And that's okay. But we also need to shift how we think about it, how we manage it, how we navigate it, so we can live with the alignment, the fulfillment, and the joy that we need and that we deserve. But enough about me. I wanna take a moment to acknowledge you right now.

You're here because you decided to make this time for yourself, for your reflection. You carved out time for yourself, and that's to be commended.You have so many responsibilities. You have so many obligations. You have so many things that you need to do, that you wanna do, that you are obligated to do in many [00:02:00] respects between work and family and kids, caregiving, the to-do lists, the tasks, the holiday rush for everything, and the ordering on Amazon, and making sure you get it for Christmas Eve. Look, you have a lot of things going on and you may feel overwhelmed, you may have been feeling stressed, and you may have been wondering how you really get it all done or how you can get it all done, and still, you're here.

You're here. You've said yes to yourself. You told yourself that. Yeah, there are other things and people need my attention, and that's true. People may need your attention. People may need your time, but you've said, “Yes, that's true. And I need to give myself some love, some focus, some [00:03:00] attention too.” And that way, taking this time for you is an act of self-love.

You're here to honor, and you're here to acknowledge yourself and everything that you did and how far you've come this past year. This is the practice of self-love. This is how you practice loving yourself. This is what it looks like to do the work. People talk about the work, right? Self-development, self-empowerment.

This is the work. This is what it feels like. This is the work. We're kind to those we love. We give energy to those we love. We focus on those we love. We show up for those we love. And by showing up for yourself today, you're choosing to show yourself that same love that you so willingly and abundantly give to others.

So for those of you who are really hard on yourselves, for those of you who judge yourself [00:04:00] harshly or you're really self-critical, right? Like you do something amazing, but then you can only think of the things that you didn't do right? Or you leave conversations, ruminating over what you said and how you said it, and ruminating over things, and replaying them in your mind and spinning your wheels. You think of all the things that you have left to do, all the things you haven't gotten done. You think about how you aren't as far along as perhaps you quote unquote should be, right? The ‘shoulds’. And all of those things.

Look, you are here. You're practicing self-love by reflecting on your journey this past year. And we're gonna from a place of acceptance and recognition of all you've done, and all you've been through, all you've overcome, because I know one thing. Even if I don't even know you personally, I already know one thing: You do way more than you give yourself credit for.[00:05:00] You've grown in many ways you don't even realize. The fact that you're here listening to this tells me that you have done way more than you gave yourself credit for, and that you've grown in ways you don't even realize. Not everybody will press play. Not everybody will download this. Not everybody will access it. Right? But you did. And that tells me something about, right? It tells me that you have worked hard. It tells me that you wanna acknowledge yourself. It tells me that you're wondering, “Hey, I need to take a step back and reflect for a minute on my year, and I need support to do that.” Right?

We're so focused on the future that sometimes we don't pause to think about where we've been and all we've navigated to reach this point and all that we've done. But that is exactly what we'll do now. We have a series of questions that we're going to answer. I'll give you a certain [00:06:00] amount of time to answer each one.

So what we'll do is I'll tell you to pause. I may give a suggestion for the time limit, but it's really up to you how long you take and when you press ‘Play’ again. But I'll walk you through it as we go. Remember, this is your time. So grab your pen, grab your journal, or whatever you use to write, type with whatever you're using, whatever medium, grab it and let's get started.

So gratitude is all about perspective. It's about seeing the good. It's about seeing the abundance, the blessings in your life. It's about the ability to recognize how far you've come, the [00:07:00] ability to recognize, I'm gonna say it again, how far you've come. And to identify the opportunities and the blessings that are all around you.

Being grateful doesn't mean that you're always satisfied with where you are in your life, in your career, in your journey, all in life, right? It doesn't mean that you're always satisfied. It doesn't mean you’re settling or that you're complacent. Because that's a big misconception - that being grateful means that you don't wanna move forward in your life. You don't have any goals. You're okay with the status quo. You don't wanna improve. You're complacent. Let's debunk that myth right now. That's not what gratitude is. Remember, it's a perspective. It's about recognizing that you have this abundance in your life and that can coexist with the struggles you face.

Gratitude [00:08:00] cannot be used as a weapon to shame yourself or to minimize the real challenges in your life. It is not to be used to suppress your feelings, your real feelings, or to disregard your real painful experiences. It's not about seeing the blessings and then saying, “Oh, right, I'm having a hard time, but I shouldn't be thinking about these problems and what I'm going through because there are worse problems out there and I should quote unquote, should feel lucky to have what I have and to be where I am.”

You can have perspective about the abundance you have through gratitude, right? It's the perspective about what's around you, what you already have through gratitude and have all the other feelings, too. You can be grateful and you can be sad. You [00:09:00] can be grateful, and you can be pissed off. You can be grateful and you can be confused. You can be grateful and at the same time want more for yourself and your family.

All of it, all of it coexist. It's the power of and that's the human experience. It's not one color or the other. It's not ‘this or that’. It's like in the gray. That's the human experience, right? It's not ‘do this and you'll feel that’. That undermines who we are as humans and the real lived experience that we have.

And you're human. So it's okay to feel all of it, right? And in this moment, right now, let's focus on gratitude, not to suppress, not to disregard any feelings or your experiences, but to anchor. We're gonna use gratitude to anchor ourselves with perspective as you think about the past year and how far you've come. Because [00:10:00] while you may think you have a long way to go, you've also come incredibly far, right?

So when you look back at this past year, what three things are you most grateful for? I am going to invite you to be very specific and to be detailed, to paint a picture for yourself. What do I mean? Instead of saying, “I'm grateful to have a supportive family”, you would instead write down more details and describe how they were supportive. Like pinpoint it. What specific things did they do? What specific things did they say? What does that support look like and feel like? What did it look like and, and what did it feel like? You could take maybe five minutes or ten minutes to answer this question. Maybe five if you are wanting to move a little quickly.

But [00:11:00] I really encourage you to take some time here and take your time. Take your time. Press pause if you can, and take five minutes or however long you wanna take and answer this question and we'll come back.

Okay, now let's think about all you've been through this year, the experiences, the milestones, the changes, the first steps you took, the things you tried. They were like, “I don't know if this is gonna work”, but you did anyway. The question you asked, even though you were hesitant and didn't know how it was gonna turn out. The steps you took to take care of yourself, to prioritize yourself, to prioritize what was important to you, to take care of your loved ones yourself.

When you think about your personal life this year, now I'm thinking of [00:12:00] personal life, but you know this about me, I believe career and personal, professional and personal are intertwined. But I'm asking you to try for the sake of this exercise, stick to the personal bucket. Okay? So when you think about your personal life this year, what are the three things that you're the most proud? What are the three things you're the most proud of and why are they so important to you? Like why did you pick those three? Why are they so, so important to you? This could be anything related to your relationships with others, like your family, your friends. It could be your own wellbeing or maybe it's finances for you. This could be progress you made in one area, right? So maybe it's progress in self-care. Maybe you exercised forward, or maybe you tried to, right? Like you were like, “Okay, I'm gonna give this a chance. And you gave it a chance or before you didn't. That's a big deal. You should be, you should recognize that.

Maybe you made a [00:13:00] decision about how to move forward in your life. Maybe you decided you were gonna make a change and you started taking actions to make that decision and that change real. Maybe you decided to pivot in some way in your life, and maybe you got clear on your priorities. Maybe you're taking action in alignment with those priorities. Or, you know what, maybe you started asking for more help. Maybe you started asking for support. Maybe you reached out to a friend, to family. Maybe it's your partner. You reached out a little bit more for the support that you need. And that's a big deal. So I encourage you to recognize that as well.

Maybe you started carving out 10 minutes for yourself each day. Maybe it's not exercise, maybe it's something else. Or maybe you've started to heal some old wounds or some current ones, whether it's loving yourself more, loving your body more, [00:14:00] being less hard on yourself, or starting the process of healing a relationship with someone close to you. Maybe you've forgiven someone. And remember, forgiveness is for you. But these are just some ideas to get you thinking of the full range of things that are accomplishments to be proud of. Focus on the progress, the first steps, the little things you did that really did have an impact and made a difference for you.

It doesn't matter how someone else would perceive any of this stuff that you write down, it literally doesn't matter because it's about how much it matters to you and the difference it's made for you in your life. . Okay, so here, maybe take again five to 10 minutes to answer this question. So pause, pause this video.

Take the time to answer the question. Don't keep watching the video. I know you, I was, I've been you. I'm like, oh, I'm just gonna watch the whole thing and then I'll go back. Don't do that. Press [00:15:00] pause. Stop the video. Answer this question for yourself. Take your time. You're here to reflect. So let's, let's not rush, let's not rush.

Pause the video. answer the question for yourself. It's only for you. It's only this is for you. This is time for you. Don't rush it. Okay? And we'll come back.

Now we're gonna turn to work. So again, with the caveat, you know what? I believe that work and career work. Personal, professional and personal are intertwined, but for the sake of this exercise, once again, we're going to put it in its own bucket if we can. There are so many things that we accomplish at work.

There are so many things that we do that sometimes a day flies by or a week flies by, and we're so used to doing so much answering every email, trying to be as responsive as and diligent as possible, that we literally forget [00:16:00] we did so much. and a lot of times it's because no one is telling you with every little tiny thing you do, no one is there telling you you did that and you did that and that and that and that.

Like all the gajillion things you do every day, no one's there being like, Hey, good job. Hey, good job, good job, good job, good job. No one's there doing that. . No one's there saying thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you every five seconds of the day, cuz you're doing so much stuff every day

and sometimes you can feel like your work is almost invisible. Like it's almost invisible. But it doesn't have to be. It doesn't have to be that way. And we're going to shine a bright light. A bright light on it right now. with what you're most proud of in your professional life. So when you think about work and your professional life this year, what are [00:17:00] the three things you're most proud of?

And again, here we go. Why are they so important to you? It could be, honestly, it could be that you, you started speaking out more in that meeting, right? You started influencing a little bit more, right? You started getting, moving through that discomfort of speaking. for you. Maybe. Maybe that's for you, right?

For some of you that's, that's not the case. You speak up all the time. Maybe it's standing up for yourself in a situation. Maybe it's setting boundaries at work. Maybe it's saying, Nope, I can't do that at 8:00 PM Or maybe it's saying, I can't take that on. I have a full plate and here's what I. . So how would you suggest I reprioritize this?

I have this suggestion of how I could do that. What do you think? Right? Coming with recommendations and then getting some feedback on that. Maybe you're applying for a new job, maybe you're researching jobs. Maybe you're going [00:18:00] more inward. You're going inward to really figure out what you need from this job and this chapter of your life, right in the season of life.

Like what do you really need from it? Is it just a paycheck? Which is totally fine as long as you're okay with that. , is it more fulfillment? Maybe it's maybe you're asking for the raise. Maybe you have asked for the promotion, or maybe you've said, I'm only gonna get, I'm only going to do this if I get a promotion right?

I'm, I'm, I'm doing more work, but I deserve a promotion. Maybe that's, maybe that is you and that's what you were able to do. You're able to advocate for yourself a little bit more. Maybe you have gotten better at your communication, collaboration with others. , maybe you've been thinking about when you've started taking action to pivot to something new in your career that excites you, a new project you took on, or you, you are working with your manager to reshape what you're doing in your role.

You know, maybe you've [00:19:00] decided that you are not working late at night anymore, or you're not gonna work on the weekends anymore and you've made it work for where you're at, right? Maybe you started. blocking off time in your calendar for your own focus time, right. Maybe you said, okay, I'm not gonna check, I'm gonna check email right when I wake up, which I don't, I don't recommend, but some people must do that for their jobs and then say, okay, I'm gonna give myself an hour and then I'll come back.

I mean, again, it's really a, it's really about what works for you and what you've been doing in your, in your professional life and at work and what you find to. , something that you accomplished and what you're most proud of and why that's important to you. Only you know what matters most to you. So here again, we're focusing on the big and the little things, and anything in between that, you know, sometimes the little things aren't really little because they're still significant.

They still have [00:20:00] impact, they still move the needle for you. They've meant something big to you. Again, it doesn't matter how someone else would perceive these things. It doesn't matter how someone else would say. That's not a big. , it's, we need to remove the judgment. Tell the judgment, Hey, I hear you, but I need you to sit back for a second.

Cause I'm trying to do this exercise thing. So like sit down for a minute. I hear you. I see you. I'm just trying to engage in a different mindset right now because this is about what matters to you and the difference it has made in. So hips again on the video. Give yourself maybe seven minutes, seven to 10 minutes to answer this question and then come on back.

All right. Again, don't keep going. Press the pause button. Okay. Now we're going to say, think about the hard things cuz we do hard things a lot more than we. We navigate [00:21:00] hard things more than we give ourselves credit for. I think of one of the hardest things is the everyday juggle of taking care of oneself and taking care of all the other responsibilities and obligations that you do have.

And that can be really hard when you feel like you have limited energy and you have limited time. . I think about myself and I think about my challenges this year, navigating having three children. I'm hosting the podcast. I'm a coach. You know, I'm trying to grow and develop talent. I'm doing a bunch of different things serving on boards, really, because I believe my purpose is to serve others and to help others grow and to empower others to be at their very best and to empower others to find alignment in their lives and to have.

and less of the overwhelm and less of the anxiety that can come when you're talking about, especially high achieving professional women, [00:22:00] and especially first generation women and women of color. And so this year was hard for me as well, and. accepting that I was going through a very difficult time. Once I did that, things got a little bit easier because I couldn't understand.

I could understand like, okay, this is what I need to do to really shift what's happening. What decisions do I have to make? How can I act in these decisions? And it was literally one step at a time, literally getting out of bed, okay, I'm gonna get out of bed. That's the next right thing I can. the next right step, brushing my teeth, the next right step, getting to my desk.

At times it was like that and I'm thankful that I've moved forward in a very healthy way. But I learned a lot. [00:23:00] I learned a lot. And oftentimes our greatest challenges and our the hardest times can be some of the greatest teachers for. , the fact that there's likely something you can take away or learn from a difficult time in your life, or a challenge that you navigated, doesn't mean the feeling associated with that event or that time or the issue goes away completely, right?

We can still be there, but when we have some space from it and, and as time creates some distance from it, we can see it a bit differently. We see how we move through it and what feelings might remain. and we can notice whether the intensity of the failing is as strong, right? We can get a clearer sense of how we may have changed for the better, how we evolved, how we grew, and what we learned about who we are and how we see things now.

Right? So for me, I learned I need to set even stronger boundaries, especially mental and emotional boundaries. For myself, it's more internal [00:24:00] and. . I need to give myself a lot more grace. I've been on this journey of, of not being so hard on myself. That's why I talk about it so much. Cause I talk to so many clients and people who are really hard on themselves, suck it up, push through.

Right. We do that and we think it serves us, but it ev it actually doesn't. Right. It doesn't, would you ever say that to your child? No. Or a friend? No. You wouldn't. You would be there and be like, Hey, what do you need? How can I help? Right. How can I help? , but you don't say that to yourself. You're like, suck it up, get on with it.

Come on. You have no excuses. Like there's just this like berating that we would never do. I think if we love and are kind to others that we wouldn't, we would just never do that to other people. So when you look back on this year, I want you to think about, and I want you to write down what was one of the hardest things that you did [00:25:00] or you went through?

This could be personal, professional, whatever you would like it to be. It really could be anything. And also, ask yourself, think about and write down, what did you learn by navigating that experience? What did you learn? I'm suggesting maybe seven to 10 minutes. It could be five minutes on this question, but remember, hit the pause button, answer it, and then come on back.

Okay. I hope you hit the pause button and you came on back. So I want you to now think about where you were in January, 2022, right around this time last year. Think about where you were and where you are now. What is the difference between who you were then and who you are now? How have you grown and how have.[00:26:00]

evolved cuz we grow a lot over the course of a year. We really do. We forget all of the shifts. We forget all the changes. We've been through all the curve balls. Life has thrown our way and we forget what we've made happen until we get still and we ask ourselves this kind of question when we have these moments of reflection, when we have these moments to make space up here and in here.

right? So think about who you were then and who you are now. Paint that picture for yourself. Just paint it for yourself. You can close your eyes and start thinking about how do I paint that picture for myself of who I was then and, and who I am now, and how I've grown and evolved over the course of the year.

Close your eyes. Think about like what was happening or going through, going on. What were you going through in your life in January, 2020? , what were you [00:27:00] managing? What were you seeing? What were you learning? What were you hearing? What were you asking for? What were you feeling? What were you thinking? What were you tasting?

What were you experiencing? Right? The possibilities here are really endless because it's unique to your lived experience. It's unique to how you think, and it's unique to how you feel about it. So I'm gonna ask you to be o open to letting it. , and if you feel you're censoring yourself or you're not sure, just keep writing, right?

Just keep writing. Keep writing what you're seeing in your mind. And I, again, I encourage you to close your eyes and think about that and think about it, and then write down what you're seeing up here. There's no right or wrong answer here, so just take maybe seven minutes or so and answer this question for yourself and then come back.

Okay? You are. . Take a breath.

Take a breath. [00:28:00] We all have stories that we tell ourselves that we know may not be true. They aren't kind to us, they aren't helpful to us. We ruminate. We can cause ourselves a lot of stress and a lot of pain, and a lot of suffering. A lot of inner like inner turmoil and inner fighting. Right. by not challenging those stories or by not working to release our grip to free up space for the stories that would help us move forward, that would help us grow, that do serve us, right?

We need to release our grip on the ones that don't serve us to make space for the ones that do, the ones that are healthy, the ones that are helpful, the ones that are kind for us. Right, because some stories we tell ourselves could be negative thoughts or things you might believe are true that are limiting you in some way.

We call those limiting beliefs, [00:29:00] right? So what story, what belief, what thought that hasn't been helpful to you? Are you willing to leave behind in 2022? You can also change the. to who here? Right? Who are you willing to leave behind? Who are you willing to let go of in 2022? Right? Who isn't treating you the way that you deserve?

Who is being emotionally abusive to you? Physically abusive? Gotta get outta that relationship. Again, I'm not giving advice, but my suggestion is always abuse is, is is not acceptable. You deserve better. You deserve to love yourself and to be loved.

Now letting go and choosing to let go of who or what you need to leave behind in, in 2022. And here I have a typo. Look at that. I'm human. Oh my [00:30:00] gosh. I'm not perfect. I'm human. Um, it's about what you're leaving behind in 2022, not 20. , but it's not when you release and let go of someone or something, it's really not.

Poof, it's gone. I've now wrote, I've now written it down so it's gone. I'm free. It's not, it's not poof. It's gone instantly. Okay. Saying you're willing to leave something or someone behind in 2022, and knowing why it's important for you to do that, cause you're also gonna answer that. Why is it important for you to let that go or let that person go?

that's still an incredible start. Most people don't even get there. Most people don't even ask themselves this question, but most people won't even hit play on this video. Most people won't even take this. They won't. They won't. And now you're, you're this far and you're going to actually tell yourself what or who are you gonna leave behind in 2022?

And why isn't that so important to you? That's a massive step. [00:31:00] I do not want you to downplay. , how significant it is that you're going to write this down cuz you're making a decision. You're facing your own truth, you're confronting your own truth. That is a big deal. I don't want you to think it's nothing.

It's not, most people do not do this work and you're here, you're doing the work. You gotta be proud of yourself for that. I, I am so happy for you that you're doing that.

like when you're aware and you write it down and make it a little bit more real of not only like what needs to be left behind or what you need to let go, but why? It's also important that you leave it behind and you let go of it. That's the first step to really making any change in, in your life, right?

You have to feel it in your bones. It can still be uncomfortable to take action. It can, it's human nature to stick with the status quo. S a lot of [00:32:00] us believe the false, the falsehood that better the misery that you know than the one you don't. Right? It's better than misery, I know, than to be like, what's gonna happen over there?

What, how is it gonna be, what is it gonna be like? I don't, I'm, I'm not, I don't like not knowing. But when you know, deep down it's what you need to do and then you're clear on why you have to do it, whether it's to have more inner peace, to be more in alignment with yourself, to feel more joy, whatever it.

it gets a lot less overwhelming. Okay, so again, the question is what or who, or it could be both. What and who are you willing to leave behind in 2022? Why is it so important that you do that?

And here you've hit pause. So you're here now with me, right? So we're almost at the end of our time together, and I want to help you to start thinking about 20. three. But from a place of self-love and [00:33:00] self-empowerment, right. We're not gonna do, um, a ton of goal setting here. We're just gonna speak more about, you know, the energy you wanna bring into 2023.

So in light of everything that you reflected on so far, because you've been doing the work as we go, right? Yes. You have. In light of everything that we've reflected on, that you've reflected on so far in our time together, what is the energy that you want to bring into 2020? . So what is the energy you wanna bring into 2023, and why does that matter so much to you?

This could be energy of openness to trying something new. Willingness to change the negative stories you tell yourself that aren't helpful to you anymore. It's not helping you feel good, right? Or maybe you're bringing in energy of new beginnings, right? Maybe it's energy of self-compassion. Not gonna be so hard on myself.

I'm gonna work through, I'm gonna do my thought work. . Maybe it's an energy of self-love. Maybe it's looking at yourself in the mirror and [00:34:00] saying, I love you. Yes, I just said that. That seems corny. Try it. Try it and let, and let me know if you think it's corny once you try it. Okay. Don't knock it until you try it.

Or maybe it's an energy of, you know what, I'm bringing in ease. That was mine. I think a couple years ago, maybe my word was, my energy was ease. Like, how can I make this? , how can I make this less overwhelming for myself? That was the energy I was bringing in to that year. Maybe it's a sense of calmness, right?

I'm going to just think of what I can do to keep my cool in situations that are difficult. Um, for me, as I think about my energy for 2023, I am, my energy is gonna be really focused on trying new things and being open to new things. So I wanna do a live event for this c. and I'm gonna go for it. I've been talking about it for like five years.

I'm gonna go for it, and I, I may have some awesome [00:35:00] partners to do it with me, so I'm excited about that. But I also wanna try singing lessons. I've been wanting to sing, do singing lessons for, I think since I was a child and never got to do it. So I'm gonna give it a try. I'm gonna take a lesson and see how that goes again.

and I don't know how it's gonna go, but the energy is, I'm open to trying new things and these things are important to me because, Like I'm excited about them and they bring me joy. They fill me up even talking about them. I get so excited about them cuz I am okay. It's new. And do I have time to do a singing lesson?

No, I don't. I have three children. I have a lot of things going on. You do too. You have a lot going on. But we make time. We have to make time for the things that fill our cup. I cannot stress that enough. You've gotta make time for the things that fill your cup, that bring you. . It doesn't have to be an hour of something.

It can be five, 10 minutes of something. Honestly, sometimes it's going on the Insta, it's going on the TikTok and watching a dance video, like I do that all the time. Like, [00:36:00] Ooh, let me go watch a fun video and laugh. Or like you, you gotta find something and no, do I recommend that be your social or social media?

Absolutely not. But you know what I. , you gotta make time for what fills your cup. No one is gonna give you the permission. You gotta do it. You gotta give yourself the permission because you deserve it. You deserve it. Okay, so go ahead and answer this question. You have to pause again. Pause the video. Don't skip this answer for yourself.

What is the energy that you're going to bring into 2023, and why does it matter so much to you? This is about intention. This is about intention. because we focus our attention where our intention is. Okay, so about setting your intention to set yourself up for success for 2023. Okay, so pause it. What is the energy you're going to bring into 2023, and why does it matter so much to you?[00:37:00]

There it is. There it is there. It. . So you finish writing and typing up, typing up all your thoughts. You have done all of this work. I am so grateful that you have joined me to do this work. You should be so proud of yourself that you did this work. Again, not most people do this. Not most people invest in themselves.

People say, I don't have time for that. But you know what? You made time for it. You created the space. You created the time. You should be proud of yourself for doing. . I wanna thank you so much for joining me. I want to acknowledge you, I mean, a gajillion times for showing up for yourself right now, right?

You decided to give yourself this gift of reflection, this gift of acknowledgement, this gift of self-love, and I am so honored that you chose to spend this time with the, with me. Your time is valuable. I know that your energy is valuable. I know that. So I'm really thanking [00:38:00] you for spending some of it with me, for spending it on yourself.

right for spending it on yourself. Now, I know you're running towards 2023 with a ton of excitement and, and curiosity and intrigue, and you know, now you're grounded and how far you've come. You're grounded in all the things you've done. You're grounded in what you've done already in 2022. All the things you should be proud of, all the things you accomplished, acknowledging yourself for all.

right. Please, please, please, please, please, please remember to be kind to yourself.

The relationship we, um, spend the most time in is the one with ourselves. How we talk to ourselves is a key, is a key predictor of your success. And to me, success is about alignment, fulfillment, joy, meaning relationships, [00:39:00] connection, feeling alive, right? Success, titles and stuff. Mm. , you know, that is not determined success.

And you know it because you know when you get a title, how it feels, it doesn't, sometimes it doesn't feel as, as much or as little as you thought it would feel. Sometimes it doesn't feel like, well, you had anticipated it would feel like, and you feel like something is missing. It's cuz you're missing one of those.

The connection, the aliveness, or meaning, right? All to me, that's all about alignment. Okay? So I want you to remember to be kind to yourself. I wanna remember, I want you to be. with yourselves like you would be with a friend, right? Give yourself the credit for all the big, give yourself the credit for all the little things and the big things, and I'm wishing you an abundance of everything that you really want and of everything that lights you up.

right. I know that you know you have the power to make that happen. As we say, Ola, [00:40:00] hello to 2023. I want you to have a great rest of 2022. I want to wish you a happy early new year, depending on when you're listening to this. If you listen to it in January, happy New Year, or February, happy New Year. March.

Happy New Year. You know, happy New Year, right? Take care of yourselves. Stay. , know that you're more powerful than you realize in this moment. Know that. Accept that. Live that, okay? Stay safe and take care.


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